CineStar 8 Octocopter - Ready to Fly Package

Sales price: $ 12,950.00
Manufacturer: Aerobot

This is a true ready to fly system with fully automated flight capabilities for Single Operation including

  • MX20 Radio
  • 1 x 10,400mAh 4S Battery
  • Dual Port Charger with Power Supply
  • 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal 
  • GPS Functionality (up to 250m recreationally - license required for commerical use). 

Our German Engineer takes extreme care and pride when assembling frames and electronics. His meticulous nature shines in the quality of his workmanship.  

The machine is then flown and tested thoroughly by Simon Jardine.

During this testing, flight settings are finely tuned and all flight functions assessed and corrected if necessary.

Why buy from us? Because when you buy your Aerobot, our service doesn't end there. We provide you with the AeroSim flight simulator and Aerobot's User Manual for you to begin training with while we prepare your order. When your order is ready, you are invited to attend our Manufacturer Training (needed to obtain your Controller Certificate with CASA). 

We offer 3 monthly Remote Servicing to ensure you are up to date with firmware and check settings are all in tune. Every 6 months we offer upgrades at a 25% discount off parts and labour.

The CineStar Octocopter

The Cinestar Octocopter is the largest platform available on the market.

This platform has been developed for larger DSLR cameras and is capable of lifting cameras as heavy as the Red Epic. However, even though the Cinestar octocopter can lift the Red Epic, doesn't necessarily mean it should. Loading up the octocopter with too much weight causes electronics to overheat and compromises the performance and responsiveness of the machine.

Flight times with the octocopter and Red Epic are limited to less than 5 minutes.

Having said that, the octocopter is capable of extended flight times using light weight cameras and 2 x 10500mAh batteries in parallel.

For example, if you were using a camera weighing 900g, you can expect flight times of around 20+ minutes.

The octocopter operates at its best at a total weight of 5.4-5.8kg (including camera, mount and batteries).

Why CineStar?

From the Manufacturer - FreeFly Cinema:
The CineStar is the next evolution in professional heavy lift multi-rotor helicopters. Drawing on vast experience in the areas of professional aerial cinematography, engineering and manufacturing, FreeFly Systems have created the ultimate aerial platform. Extensive R&D has been invested in the CineStar to create a reliable and robust system for aerial video and photo professionals, allowing for longer flight times, heavier payloads and smoother footage.

From Aerobot:
The CineStar has proven itself to be the strongest and most reliable multi-rotor airframe on the market to date. 
We are confident in this opinion as we have sold next to no spare parts to our ready to fly customers over the past 9 months. 
Previous models sufferered high frequency vibration which could result in electrical errors or loose screws. Freefly have created a simple and effective airframe which continues to impress us. 



Single Operation

cinestar 2 axis gimbal 180

This setup is the most basic of the two and works well for one operator.
The operator has access to the tilt and shutter functions of the camera whilst flying the Octocopter. The Octocopter's onboard gyros can be engaged to keep the camera level.
And if you're wondering how to pan the camera, all you need do is yaw your Aerobot :-)

Recommended Camera Mount:

CineStar 2-Axis Gimbal with automatic tilt and roll stabilisation powered through the flight controller.

Dual Operation
CS-360-180This setup is great if you want to have one controller focus on operating the Aerobot, and the other lining up shots whilst viewing the onboard footage. 

A second radio control is needed for this setup, giving the camera operator the ability to control the pan, tilt, roll and shutter functions of the camera. The CineStar 3-axis camera mount requires separate roll and tilt stabilising modules - Freefly's Radian Stabilisation. Using a third module for the pan axis, the camera operator can lock the mount to stay on an object no matter where the pilot flies.  

A video downlink for the camera operator is recommended for the ability to line up shots and track objects.

Recommended Camera Mount:
CineStar 3-Axis Gimbal with FreeFly 3-axis Radian Stabilisation

Technical Specifications

Recommended Camera: Canon 7D/5D, Nikon D800/D4 <2.5kg
Weight (including engines): ~2650g
Dimensions: 900 x 900 x 350mm
Max Payload incl. Batteries: ~2500g
GVW (max): ~5800g
Construction: Gen 2 Carbon Fiber
Max Flight Time (GoPro HD): ~24 min.
Propeller: Aerobot V2 13x6.5 Carbon Fiber Propellers

Included in this package

  • Graupner MC20 HOTT Radio 2.4Ghz True Diversity Control with inbuilt telemetry
  • CineStar 2-axis camera mount 
  • Mikrokopter Flight Controller V2.1
  • Navi V2.0 and G.P.S V2.0 for waypoint programming (up to 250m recreationally, no license)
  • 3 strips of Super bright LED's Red,Green and Blue for navigation and voltage warning
  • 8 Mikrokopter V2.0 Speed controllers
  • Distribution board, peak 200amps +
  • Mikrokopter Tool
  • G.P.S / Navi controller, export.kml to Google Earth.
  • Waypoint flying using Point of Interest.
  • 8 MK3638 Motors
  • ***NEW*** Hyperion 0702i Dual Battery charger with 12v power supply
  • ***NEW*** 2x 10,400mAh 4S LiPo battery
  • 13x6.5 Carbon Props V2 (including 1 spare set)

*** All RTF customers are required to complete Aerobot's Product Use Agreement ****


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