AeroSolar Wing -10 $POA


AeroSolarWing 10 – $POA

The 10ft Solar Powered Aerobot Wing.
With 40,000 mah 6cell the Wing can fly for 12 hours without Solar Power !!!
Maximum Payload of 2KG.

We needed to get a large wing in the air, after months of design work we thought it was best to reach out to the one and only Chris Klick of Ritewing. We figured let the experts build the wing so we can concentrate on fitting a getting the Auto Pilot to work well…

It’s basically a large Zephyr Wing, with a thinner profile, it has incredible lift and a slow stall speed.

The wing is fitted with the latest Auto Pilot from 3DR.
Numerous Applications, Search and Rescue, Shark Watch or fitted with a multi spectrum camera for Agriculutre work.
Auto Take off using a large 20 meter bungie cord.
Optional auto land features including a fly net, where the wing stalls into a large net and is caught in mid flight.

Depending on options the wing, comes fitted with the latest Solar Power Cells from Europe and Auto Pilot completely ready to fly and configured.

Training is all done within one day.

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