Aeroracer 4

Designed for a 4 inch propeller.

This is the Aerobot Racer. We will be doing 3, 4 and 5 inch
My favourite is the 4″ so we decided to run with it first.

The 3″ and 5″ will be coming in the next few weeks…..
12 months to get this onto the market, a WHOLE lot of money, time, and effort has gone into this thing.
It WILL be the fastest drone around your favourite track, no questions!
IF it’s not, show us a video of it not performing as well as your favourite drone, and we will refund you, no questions!!

What is it?
It was built solely for racing, from the ground up.
So we started with the 2 most important elements of EVERY flying machine; Centre Of Gravity and Aerodynamics.
To achieve this, we started with the heaviest part, the battery.
The battery is placed through the centre of the frame, standing on its head.
This gives less drag in forwards flight and is much more efficient.

Why is COG important?
The symmetrical frame is balanced from the propeller tips!!
This means your PID settings will be the same on every axis.
All manoeuvres are in harmony with every flick of the stick, the copter reacts and still stays balanced.

Why a PLUS frame?
The side motors are not being fowled by propeller wash.
Let’s say you want to roll right. The machine is flying forwards, both front and back motor stay a constant speed.
Only the right motor slows and the left motor speeds up. This means the drone will hold its altitude and remain a constant speed.
It tracks and holds it’s Angle Of Attack MUCH better in faster turns.
You can hold the throttle almost fully open in tighter turns.
Driving in your car, put your hand out a car window flat, feel the resistance? No put your hand with your fingers pointing towards the air.
It’s pretty obvious, yet most drones we see are not Aerodynamic, somehow this got lost along the way.
Sure if a drone is hovering and taking a few photo’s no problem, but nowadays these racing drones are hitting over 200 kilometres per hour.
The booms have aerodynamic 3d printed covers. With these booms in place the drone is quieter, tracks better, and gains 10% flying time.

!!! PLEASE NOTE !!!!
This drone is NOT for the newcomer, even a confident flyer will take time to adjust to this machine.
At first you will over compensate every turn, your rates will need to be reduced by 25%
We can’t be held responsible for any injury that occurs whilst flying this racer.

Final note.
We are really looking forward to seeing this machine in the hands of some of the young and upcoming FPV pilots.
You will need some soldering skills to complete the build.
We highly recommend the Airbot Asgard all in one FC from This Flight Controller was made for the
AeroRacer !!!

Have fun!!! and FLY SAFE

What’s in the Kit?

  • Carbon 5mm thick.
  • 1 X 175mm Frame
  • 1 X Top mounting plate
  • 1 X Bottom plate
  • 8 X Aluminium standoffs.
  • 4 X Titanium threads
  • 4 X 5mm Alloy nuts.
  • 8 X 3mm Alloy nuts.
  • 1 X 3mm Bolts.
  • 1 X Strip of Velcro

*note the 3d Printed parts are NOT included.

We have provided the STL files for you convince.

aero_boom_175 aerobot_175_aero_cam_cover_2017_v1


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