The Cinestar Octocopter is the largest platform available on the market.

This platform has been developed for larger DSLR cameras and is capable of lifting cameras as heavy as the Red Epic. However, even though the Cinestar octocopter can lift the Red Epic, doesnt necessarily mean it should. Loading up the octocopter with too much weight causes electronics to overheat and compromises the performance and responsiveness of the machine.

Flight times with the octocopter and Red Epic are limited to less than 5 minutes.

Having said that, the octocopter is capable of extended flight times using light weight cameras and 2 x 10500mAh batteries in parallel.

For example, if you were using a camera weighing 900g, you can expect flight times of around 20+ minutes.
Cinestar Octocopter

The octocopter operates at its best at a total weight of 5.6-5.8kg (including camera, mount and batteries).

With the octocopter, the user can opt for either single or dual operation. Single operation gives the operator control of the tilt and shutter functions of the 2-axis camera mount, whilst also flying the copter. The 2-axis camera mount is gyro stabilised through the flight controller providing a level horizon during flight.

Dual operation gives the camera controller access to the tilt, roll and pan functions of the camera mount using the Cinestar 3-axis camera mount leaving the copter operator to concentrate on flying.

The second operator, or director of photography can track objects using a video downlink fed to video goggles or a screen to line up perfect shots and keep objects in view during flight.

If you are inexperienced with radio controlled multi-rotor copters, it is strongly recommended purchasing our small GoFour Training Quadrocopter.

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