As a specialist drone operator, Simon Jardine has been invited on many shoots for many different outfits including the BBC, Sam Cossman, Ford, Top Gear Australia and many more.

As a freelance droner, Simon Jardine’s expertise is often required to obtain previously unthinkable aerial shots which most droners are incapable of achieving.

His ability to fly low and fast as well as his highly tuned skill to read atmospheric situations and drone stability has led him to such places as Ambrym Volcano in Vanuatu to obtain never before seen footage of the newly formed lava lake. Tackling heats of above 600°, gail force winds, dust devils and cliff faces, Simon’s uncanny ability to operate the drone smoothly and effectively makes him one of the world’s most highly sought after specialist drone operators.

Through a Droner’s Eyes – Ambrym, Vanuatu from Simon Jardine on Vimeo.

WARNING – Course Language

This is a compilation of clips taken this time last year in Vanuatu.
It is from the perspective of the droner, in this case Simon Jardine of Aerobot.
In order to obtain the spectacular drone footage seen in other videos by Sam Cossman, Simon had to conquer his fear of heights to descend the 4500ft drop into the active lava lake.
Capturing the volcano had its challenges like thrusting hot air that affected the drone’s ability to fly stably.

Big thanks to Bradley Ambrose for his super cool attitude, Sam Cossman for his awesomeness, Conor Tourmarkine for some seriously epic video work, Willy for getting us to and from the volcano safely, and the rest of the team for being there and the great work they do.

Music by Chemical Brothers – The Test